Why Arsenal should target silverware in the Europa League!

With Arsenal playing Thursday night Europa League football, having not qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in over 20 years, the club are going to face a very different and unknown task in the upcoming months.

It is a well known fact that teams who manage to go into the latter stages of the Europa League tend the struggle in their domestic league and Arsenal’s lack of investment in the squad has left the squad wanting and in dire need of adequate reinforcements.

Arsenal’s domestic rivals, Manchester United are fresh off winning their Europa League campaign and are preparing for their Champions League matches against Europe’s finest. Towards the end of last season, United almost gave up on their domestic league campaign and virtually put all their eggs into the Europa League basket.

alexis,kola 1(pain in the arsenal).jpg

(Photo Source : PainInTheArsenal)

With the domestic competition becoming ever so strong, with 7 teams fighting it out for the top 4 spots in England, the Europa League poses as a good gateway for Arsenal to not only win their first ever European Trophy, but to enable them to play Champions League football next season.

Tucking in 3 FA Cups in the past 4 years under manager Arsene Wenger’s belt, the club do seem to be built like an adequate cup side who can beat anyone on their day.

Therefore from a personal point of view, I see winning the Europa League as the best way with which Arsenal can enter the Champions League next year, as in my eyes, they are not good enough to be able to compete in the Premier League with the high spending Manchester clubs and Chelsea, or against Tottenham who have been very impressive for the past couple of seasons. A new trophy in the cabinet would also reduce the pressure on under-fire manager, Arsene Wenger.


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