Player Profile : Romelu Lukaku

With 85 Premier League goals by the age of 24 under his belt, Romelu Lukaku has been terrorizing Premier League defenses for a few years now. The Belgian forward has been polarizing opinion’s since he was sold by his current manager Jose Mourinho.

Romelu Lukaku has been banging in the goals since a very young age and, with all due respect, for comparatively sub-par teams such as West Brom and Everton.

Manchester United themselves watched bucket loads of chances squandered last season with one of the lowest shot conversion ratio’s in the Premier League. In numeric terms, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who scored 28 goals for Manchester United had a lowly chance conversion rate of close to 12%, so statically with a chance conversion ratio of 32%, Lukaku should be bagging close to 50 goals this season, as a conservative number. But let’s take a look at what makes Lukaku warrant his astronomical price tag and more importantly the famous No. 9 shirt.

In my eyes, Lukaku is a modern-day poacher. A Michael Owen of sorts, whose chance conversion ratio is second to none, but with the modern spin of having some pace and power about him. Lukaku has also scored 48% of his goals as headers and having watched Manchester United squander chance after chance from crosses and set pieces, the new striker could be instrumental in changing the statistics.

lukaku1 (daily star)

(Photo Source : Daily Star)

Lukaku’s goal scoring ability talks for itself, he is just an absolute monster in the box. At the age of 24 he has a better goal tally than some of the best players plying their trade in world football, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez and many more.

From a tactical point, Manchester United played a much more expansive and exciting style of play with Marcus Rashford leading the line and running in the channels to receive some magnificent through balls from the likes of Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera. Lukaku would afford Manchester United the same option and the thought of him linking up with his best friend, Paul Pogba, is a mouth-watering prospect for not only Manchester United fans, but football fans in general.

I, personally, am very excited by the fact that Lukaku has many evident weaknesses like his inconsistent first-touch, work rate and loss of concentration. This proves to me that he still has a higher ceiling in terms of potential to fulfil. Under Jose Mourinho, in a team that creates as many chances as Manchester United do, he can easily touch the 30 goal mark in the coming season and can establish himself as one of the best number strikers in world football.

(Statistics : courtesy of Premier League)


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